TNET Expertise

TNET is a family owned Information Technology consulting business. Located in the heartland of the United States in Lincoln, Nebraska, we believe in hard work, dedication, and commitment to detail. We stand by our work 100% and do our best to achieve complete customer satisfaction.  With over 30 years total experience in the Information Technology field and diverse certifications, we are dedicated to staying ahead of changes in technology.

Technology Consulting

Sit down with us and let us listen to what your needs are, and together, determine the best solution for you.  We will evaluate your environment (either home or business) and with your input determine what can be done more efficiently and securely.  Through cooperation we will improve the way your home office or corporation operates.

Data Solutions

Getting more out of your company’s data is what we strive for.  We will work with you to get your data to help you improve your company’s profitability.  Together with your input we'll determine what reporting and dashboarding tools will best meet your company's needs.

DR and BCP

Your IT systems just lost power.  Are you sure your applications can recover from that power loss and all IT systems can be brought back online?  Let's work together to ensure you have a strategy in place to protect your company's data.  We will also work with you to practice that strategy to make sure your group can recover systems in time.