Active Directory Query

Product Description:  Active Directory Query allows you to view and manage various objects within your Microsoft Active Directory environment.  There are several administrative functions available for objects queried.  Whether you work on the help desk or with Windows network management, Active Directory Query can help make your job easier.  Active Directory Query has been designed from the ground up by Windows network administrators and is the perfect compliment to built-in Windows administration tools.  It works together with freely available products such as Group Policy Management Console.  It is the perfect tool to administer, secure, and audit your Windows network.

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Active Directory Query

Active Directory Query includes the following features:

Query AD objects such as users and computers

Query AD deleted objects

Perform AD user administration

View FSMO role owner info

Export AD query results

Upload photos to AD users

Query multiple domains in a forest

Use alternate credentials for querying other domains

Save favorite queries

Use filters on AD query results

Use WMI to get additional information on AD computer objects
Use Wake On LAN to remotely start computers
View Microsoft Hyper-V guest information on queried servers
View Microsoft SQL database information on queried servers

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